Elsa is a precious dog that lived her life neglected at the end of a chain.  She was rescued by our organization during one of our clinic days thanks to a report from a Good Samaritan that could not ignore her suffering. She had been left out during one of the coldest nights of the year, without proper housing and in already poor health. When she came in to our clinic, she was literally nearly frozen to death. Elsa's temperature wouldn't even register on the thermometer. She wasn't moving. The only sign of life was a faint wag from her tail. We slowly warmed her up by  giving her warmed fluids through an IV, surrounding her with warmed bags of water and covering her with blankets. An hour later, she was still so cold, her temperature wouldn't register. It took three hours before we were able to register a temperature for her.  She was under weight, which of course made it harder for her to handle the cold, but even healthy dogs can freeze to death. THANKFULLY because of our wonderful vet and the Good Samaritan that WOULD NOT walk away, she is alive and living well today. She's a lucky one.  There are many more out there that NEED to be inside or have better shelter. THEY CAN NOT FIND IT FOR THEMSELVES IF THEY ARE CHAINED, IN A FENCED BACK YARD OR IN A PEN.  It's up to the pet parents to care for their life and well being.  We are working with our county law enforcement and county commissioners to  press for stricter laws, with harsher punishment and  better enforcement of  ordnances related to animal abuse and neglect.  Elsa's story thankfully has a happy ending... so many other dogs' stories sadly don't end well. We will continue caring for all those that come through our doors in need, and will continue being their voice and fight for  them! 

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