Our Volunteer Programs

There are several areas and ways in which people can volunteer with us.  Many of our volunteers work in several different areas with us.   We are happy to talk with you about our many fun and rewarding  volunteer possibilities.

Kennel Volunteer Opportunities

Each week there are several volunteer openings to work with seasoned volunteers to socialize, feed and walk our dogs.  An important part of volunteer time in the kennel is  to help keep their living space clean for their good health and well being. If you are interested in becoming part of our volunteer kennel family, please call Della @ 252-243-7450

Adoption Day Volunteers

We have adoption days the 1st Saturday of every month at the Petsmart in Wilson from 11-2.  There are many ways you could help on these days. We need volunteers to help bring preselected dogs to Petsmart and stay with their dog during the adoption event. Extra hands are always welcome, so if you can't bring a dog, we would still love to have you if you want to help.

Field Trips &Play Dates

We house and care for nearly 100 dogs at any given time.  While our dogs are cared for,  fed,  provided a clean and safe living space and their health maintained,  they still need more from us until they find their forever homes. Within the kennel, dogs are walked regularly and socialized - but we still want to give them more.  Our field trips get our dogs out of the kennel and into cars to experience a bit of family life. They get to go to parks, Starbucks for puppuccinos, and Petsmart for treats. Everybody needs a change of pace for mental wellbeing, these fieldtrips give that to the dogs in our care. Our play dates happen on premises. On these days, we take dogs out for games of fetch, tug, grooming, long tummy rubs, etc. to help each dog get a bit more one on one time.  If you have any interest in adoption days or our fieldtrips and play dates, please call Della at 252-243-7450 orDawn @ 252-292-9779