Elsa Is a precious dog that lived nearly all of her life neglected at the end of a chain. She had been been left outside during one of the coldest nights of the year. Elsa’s temperature wouldn’t even register on the thermometer. She wasn’t  moving. The only sign of life was a faint wag from her tail.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan called us on one of our clinic days. He said he just could not ignore her suffering.

We had to warm her slowly. Elsa was given warmed fluids through an IV,  we surrounded her with warmed bags of water and covered her with blankets for three hours. Because Elsa was underweight and in poor health, it took longer for her to revive.

But Elsa is a lucky girl.

Unfortunately, many dogs are not so lucky. Too often they are chained up in the cold without shelter.

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Andy used to leap from high places to the ground. But one day is leap from the couch damaged a disc in his spine, rendering him unable to use his hind legs.

Andy was taken to a specialist to repair the disc. Recovery didn’t seem to be immediate.

Andy’s forever family had medical issues and could no longer take care of him and his special needs. That is how Andy became a FLOD dog.

At first Andy was attached to a dog wheelchair. He liked it and returned to daily doggie activities.

But three months later Andy began walking on his own. What a happy surprise to see Andy walking and later running.

Now Andy is walking 80 percent of the time.

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It was a case of lots of cars and a black Lab named Birdie trying to make her way through heavy traffic. She lost. Cars stopped and there Birdie lay in a ditch dying.

The woman where Birdie lived came forth and told everyone that it was her dog.

Birdie needed critical care immediately. It was death or repair. Her bladder was thrown through her pelvic region and both her femur and hips were fractured.

She had to have surgery from a specialist. Her family did not have the money for the surgery. Of Course FLOD paid for the operation.

Birdie had to have very close attention until she got better. Birdie is back to business chasing birds and running with her friends.

We hope everybody who has a dog has a fence. It keeps dogs out of the street.

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If you have heard of letting nothing hold you down, you will understand Scooter’s spirit. He doesn’t  stop although is rear end is paralyzed.

Scooter, a tiny little Min-Pin and Chihuahua mix, was found by a woman while she was riding down the road. This good samaritan took Scooter to a local vet who did x-rays and found that a bb bullet was lodged in his spine.  That bb is what caused the paralyzation. Unfortunately, the bullet could not be removed. So the vet called FLOD, who accepts dogs others would euthanize.

A wheelchair was made for Scooter, but he froze when he was attached to it. With the wheelchair Scooter could not roll around and play with his friends.

Now Scooter’s back legs are wrapped. The wrapping keeps his skin from being ripped off his hind parts.

Scooter can be seen keeping up with his friends running and playing. He is just a little life bug.

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Three inches above the foot and leg was gone when Baron wandered into an old man’s yard. When the old man saw the condition of the dog, he called his son to take to him to FLOD.

When Baron came to FLOD, he was good natured even though he was in great pain. He just bared the pain. That’s where his name came from.

It was difficult to tell if the Baron had been near a clawed trap. But what was clear was his leg was severely damaged. It had to be amputated.

Now healed, Baron runs as if he had four legs. He is happy and playful and loves to eat. He also loves people.

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Gin-Gin is not a Genie, but if she could have even one wish, it would be for sight.

Gin-Gin’s forever family could not afford the eye surgery she needed. FLOD paid for the surgery that removed her cataracts.

The surgery was successful, but one and half years later, she has developed glaucoma in one eye. That eye is blinded by that condition.

Medication is being given to her to save the other eye. FLOD is hoping the medication will keep total blindness away.

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Megan was wandering down the road in the dark when she was almost hit by a woman’s car.  She had the number 176 spray painted in big black numbers, on both of her sides. That number was so a hunter could identify her.  The woman, who was distraught for almost hitting Megan. She knew of FLOD and brought her to their facility immediately.

Having the paint sprayed on her was not the end of her insults. Half of her body was bald because of mange.

Megan wanted love so much, that when the woman who spotted her stopped her car and got out, Megan jumped right in. I am sure if she could she would have asked the woman to save her.

Medical treatment started for her right away when she was brought to FLOD. The man who painted the numbers on Megan called and asked if FLOD had the dog. Of course FLOD said yes and explained the condition of the dog.

His response was that she no longer hunted and he did not want her any more. He told them to just keep her.

Today Megan’s numbers have grown out and her fur is beautiful. And she never has to hunt for anything more than a rub on the head.

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Blanca is a pocket pitbull that is a fighter. Not because she fights other pitbulls. Her fight is with Cancer.

Blanca had a pitbull bestie named Cotton. The two were inseparable in one of the many dog sanctuaries on the FLOD ranch. But with all that Blanca was eating and drinking, she began losing lots of weight. Blanca lost so much weight you could see her bones. Blanca and Cotton had to be separated.

Blanca was moved into the house with the Fitz-Geralds so they could keep a closer watch on her. She sleeps in the bed with the Fitz-Geralds. Cotton misses her very much.

Blanca was taken to a vet and exploratory surgery was done twice before finding her body was ravaged by Cancer. But Blanca’s inner fight and  strong will has caused her to hang on.

Blanca is still very thin, but enjoys going for a ride in a car and being among her special needs friends who also live in the Fitz-Gerald house.

Unfortunately, Blanca seems to be losing her fight. While she still eats, changes can be seen in her.

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Precious is a Shih Tzu with Cushing's disease. That disease causes adrenal glands to overproduce hormones.

FLOD got a call from Precious’ family. They both had medical issues and could no longer care for little Precious.

Precious had not had medical care because her family could not afford it. Her eyes began to bulge out because of the Cushing’s disease. Blood began to fill her eyes. That all affected her eyesight.

Vets gave her medicine for the disease and for her eyes. She was in pain. Eventually the vet had to remove one eye. A month later the second eye was removed. If the problem had been detected earlier it may have saved her eyes.

But not having eyes has not caused her to be lethargic or sit still. She explores and is fearless.

Before her eyes were removed, she used to walk up and down the stairs at her previous home. Precious is being fostered and is once  again walking up and down those stairs.

The family who is fostering Precious (and another special needs dog) is very loving and caring. Many people will not take in and care for a special needs animal or child.

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